TechRE’s specialist team of consultants have between them accrued more than 100 years of professional knowledge, expertise and understanding of data centres and how they operate, technically and commercially, both in the UK and internationally.

Who we are

Our collegiate, holistic approach navigates the complex challenges faced by investors and developers, site owners and managers, administrative bodies and associations, across national and international regions.

We are committed to sourcing and securing successful outcomes in what can be challenging, intricate and composite data centre negotiations and their operation, in order to deliver effective and timely solutions for clients and stakeholders.

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Our approach

5-steps to a successful outcome:

  • An in-depth TechRE and client ‘discovery’ workshop provides the right foundation from which to build the project strategy and deliver an optimal outcome
  • TechRE’s unique skill set and thorough market knowledge of data centre ownership and operating facilities, through to valuations, site selection and asset disposal, is second to none
  • TechRE’s industry experts and consultants work ‘in situ’ for prolonged periods of the contract duration, and provide ongoing advice and support
  • TechRE’s commitment to knowledge sharing and information transfer ensures a smooth transition of experience to the client and secures long-term benefits well beyond project timescales
  • TechRE’s successful completion of data centre projects within EMEA countries, positions us as a leading specialist consultancy in this highly marketable yet complex global region


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